Vampires of Fogmin Moor - Tim O’Rourke

Vampires of Fogmin Moor

By Tim O’Rourke

  • Release Date: 2017-12-06
  • Genre: Paranormalidade


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Vampires of Fogmin Moor (The Laura Pepper Trilogy) Book 1

On her death bed, Laura Pepper’s mother squeezed her daughters hand and told her not to return to England where her father had once lived. Laura’s father had kept secrets – secrets that were best left buried along with the dead.

Ignoring her mother’s advice, Laura leaves America and returns home to England not only in search of the truth about her father, but to rekindle a secret love she once shared.

But her home town has changed and so has the man she once loved. Dead bodies are being discovered on the moors close to where Laura lives and the secrets her father once kept are now creeping out of the shadows, forcing her to confront her past, future and the man she loves.

Note: This book ends on an unbearable cliff-hanger – Book Two is now available!